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Cut the CRAP !

Who's keen to join me for a challenge ?

The challenge is to cut the CRAP and eat more FOOD.

Before you think I’ve lost the plot let me explain.

When I say cut the CRAP I mean:

Carbonated drinks

Refined sugars

Artificial sweeteners and colours

Processed foods

and eat more FOOD:

Fruit and veg

Organic lean protein

Omega 3 fats

Drink more water

To complete the challenge each day you're going to swap something from the CRAP and replace it with the FOOD.

For example if you are out with friends and the menu choice has burgers which you totally want, right at that moment, have the burger and ask them to replace the bun with lettuce leaves instead.

You’ve immediately cut out the processed bread of the bun which is likely to also contain preservatives as well as refined carbs.

Or maybe you're at friends for chips, dip and a drink, swap the chips for carrot sticks instead, and a cheeky glass of bubbles is fine, all thing in moderation !!

It’s making these little changes and different choices daily that will add up.

Over time you’ll be fueling your body with what it really needs to run efficiently.

You’ve only got one body so treat that girl or boy right.

When you make these positive choices your brain gets a signal that you can do it, your brain starts feeding you with positive thoughts giving you an internal pat on the back.

Tell yourself you can...and you will...ignore the haters !

Don't forget your water, veggies at every meal and move daily, in whatever shape or form is right for YOU.

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